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Apr 16

How to recommend a friend for a job?

In every company there are situations in which a specialist for the current job opening has to be found urgently. Then everyone responsible for the selection process of new employees are required to put maximum efforts! If the company for which you are working falls into the category of “Small and Medium Enterprises”, it is …

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Apr 02

How to negotiate on the job interview?

A very important requirement for a successful business is your ability to negotiate. It is vital  for carrying out the best deals for the company. Most employers will expect to hire a business specialist who has no problems with negotiations. This automatically means that you will be tested for  those skills on the job interview. …

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Apr 01

How to improve my management skills?

You are a young specialist with a university degree in the field of administration and management? You have participated in different internships and have developed strong management skills? That is great! In this case it is time for you to prepare your CV and to start searching for a new career opportunity or to be …

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Mar 28

The 10 most important things to do on your first day on the job

You have decided to apply for a job, your CV was brilliant and you have been invited to an interview. Then you managed to persuade the employer that you are the most suitable specialist for the job vacancy and you were hired. Congratulations! The first day on the job can be very exciting if you …

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