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How to recommend a friend for a job?

How to recommend a friend for a job?

In every company there are situations in which a specialist for the current job opening has to be found urgently. Then everyone responsible for the selection process of new employees are required to put maximum efforts! If the company for which you are working falls into the category of “Small and Medium Enterprises”, it is very likely that you can also be involved in this process, even if it is not your job in general. Of course, no one will require you to possess HR skills, but your help can still be crucial. Why? The answer is very simple – one of your contacts, who is looking for work or who is considering a change in his career might be the most suitable candidate for this position! This means that you will be expected to think carefully about such a specialist and then recommend him to your supervisor .

How to recommend a friend for a job?

Be careful who you recommend! Your desire to help a close friend to find his dream job can be a double edged sword, because he might not have the necessary skills for this position! And  if hired some of the responsibility for his results will be yours (since you came this proposal).

Therefore, before recommending a friend to work you have to very carefully reconsider whether the person has the necessary experience, skills and motivation. Think whether he will fit into the culture of the company for which you work and whether he can adapt to the workflow tempo. Then have a preliminary conversation with your chosen person (or people). Tell him for what kind of job you can recommend him, without going into details. Check if he’s looking for a job or considering options to replace his current one. Do not make any specific promises that he will be called for an interview or  that he will be hired after your recommendation! If after this preliminary conversation you are convinced that your friend is the specialist who your company needs, then you can go ahead and recommend him to your supervisor as soon as possible!

For this purpose, request a copy of his CV. If necessary, help him to complete and/or edit it. Then submit this CV to your supervisor or to the manager responsible for HR in your company. Do not forget to mention that your friend will expect any interview invitation if his listed skills meet the requirements of the vacancy.

In some cases, you may be required to present a written recommendation. The latter could be expected from you, especially if you’re part of a larger company.  Make a recommendation  which is based on the experience of your friend, his skills and previous working positions.

One last warning instead conclusion of this post – the fact that you know your friend in purely social terms, does not mean you know him totally professional! Always strive to recommend people for who you have as much as possible information about their career development.

How Share.jobs can help me to recommend a friend for a job?

As one of our registered members you can receive e-mail, in which you will be asked whether one of your social contacts, chosen by the Share.jobs algorithm, could be interested in a particular job offer. If the ad is posted by your company, it could be an ideal opportunity to make the first recommendation for that job to your contact , then if he eventually decides to apply for it you can make a recommendations for him in front of your supervisor! This means that Share.jobs could help you in evaluating the skills of your friends from Facebook / LinkedIn and thus to ease you in the eventual recommendation to the management of your company. Of course, for this purpose it would be a good idea to convince your supervisor and/or HR manager to publish the job offer on our portal.

We wish you good luck!

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