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The 10 most important things to do on your first day on the job

The 10 most important things to do on your first day on the job

You have decided to apply for a job, your CV was brilliant and you have been invited to an interview. Then you managed to persuade the employer that you are the most suitable specialist for the job vacancy and you were hired. Congratulations!

The first day on the job can be very exciting if you approach right to it! In order to succeed in this you have to follow some rules. Here are the 10 most important things that you need to do on your first day on the job:
1. Blend in with your clothing – Since you are the newbie at the office you might want to keep it under the radar as long as possible. Remember that the first impression is the most important one.  So the first thing to do is to get out of bed, take a shower and then choose your first job day clothing. Do this wisely! The trick is to blend in with the other colleagues in the office. Since you have most likely been there at your job interview then you should have noticed the way others dress. So if everyone is wearing suits your best bets are to wear something with neutral colors (black and white for example). Men should be able to have more freedom later on when choosing the style of their ties. However – keep it neutral! If everyone at the office are wearing casual clothes then dress accordingly. Again – the more neutral you are, the better!

2. Get to work early – this means that you are not allowed to snooze on your first day on the job. If have been told to start at 08:30 AM then you have to be there at least 08:20. Remember that if you are even 5 minutes late that this is going to be noticed and remembered. So to be on the safe side – get to work early on your first day on the job!

3. Remember your colleagues’ names – OK, we know how hard it is for some people to remember so many new faces and names on your first day on the job. But believe us – this is vital for the success of your relationship with your colleagues. So if you find it difficult to remember all the names, then you can write them down secretly in a small notebook. Also during your first day on the job you are going to receive some other important information – for example passwords, access codes, etc. Write them down too and pay special attention to all the advices that your supervisor might give you. We know that you might be overwhelmed with information during your first day on the job, but taking notes can help you not to forget any key details.

4. Avoid the coffee breaks – going to the vending machine too often on your first day on the job can send the wrong signals to your colleagues and especially to your boss. They might think that you are not a hard-working person. So your best bet is to avoid the coffee breaks and to focus on the given tasks. There is one exception from this rule. If a colleague invites you to have a coffee break together you should not refuse him. This will prevent your isolation from the office team and will help you build strong working relations.

5. Be decisive – On your first day on the job you can have many doubts about your decisions. This is absolutely normal and it may last for the first couple of days as well. But this does not mean that you should not take a determined position (unless this violates the company rules or policy, of course). As we stated in the text above – use the advices that your supervisor has given you to find out what you can expect in the beginning of your career in this company. Use them to focus on your key goals for the first week. It is very important to be clear with the role that you are playing for the working environment in the office.

6. Come prepared for your first day on the job – believe us – clumsiness and nervousness are best friends and they never visit you separately. So in order to avoid any embarrassing situations (such as breaking a glass or something else) you should  take with you everything that you might need for your first day on the job (for example a bottle of water).

7. Do not use headphones – it doesn’t matter if this accessory is installed on your office computer – you should avoid using it. Well, unless of course you are working as a customer support or in a call center. If this is the case with you, then at least remove the headphones when someone approaches your desk in order to speak with you, especially if this someone is your boss.

8. Make sure that you are not self-isolated from the your colleagues – we already discussed this in the text above (see point 4). If you isolate yourself this might be a disastrous situation for you. Remember that one of your primary goals is to build strong working relationships with your colleagues. So be polite and talk with them. Try to know them better and smile.

9. Do not hesitate to ask questions – Do you want to succeed in your first assignments? Then you have to know exactly what is expected from you. If you do not ask questions you can make many mistakes, especially if you are not sure what to do with your assignments. That is why it is better to ask 50 questions than try to figure out things by your own and fail with your tasks. Believe us – you do not want a fail start in your career development!

10. Do not leave the office first – you may have gotten to work on time and even earlier (as we advised you in point 2 of this article). However this does not mean that you have to storm out of the office when your first day on the job is over. It also does not mean to stay just for the purpose of staying. If you have some unfinished tasks – then please stay after working hours by any means! Otherwise just go to your supervisor and ask him politely whether he needs you to do anything else. If the answer is negative then wish him a good evening and leave with a smile! This helps him to strengthen his trust towards you!

These are the ten most important things that you need to do on your first day on the job. If you succeed in doing them then you have great chances for a successful career in your chosen company! And if all of this is about to happen to you in the first place (the job seeking process, the CV, the interview, etc) then you can create your profile on Share.jobs and allow your dream-job to find you!

We wish you luck!

The Share.jobs team